The streamlined cloud document management system.

Turns storage from cloud leaders such as Box, Office 365, and Google into a metadata-based document management system


What is DocuGain?


Cloud-based centralized document repository for your enterprise

DocuGain is a lightweight solution that turns storage from cloud leaders such as Google, Office 365, and Box into a metadata-based document management system.


Metadata-driven solution

DocuGain handles the most prevalent use case for document management – storing and retrieving very large quantities of documents using metadata fields (a fancy word for data fields that describe your documents).


User friendly web and mobile apps

DocuGain’s modern web user interface and mobile app let you find and access your documents online, or offline.


Secure and resilient

The DocuGain security model lets you control access to documents and system functionality. By using Google, Microsoft, or Box for backend document storage, you take advantage of those vendors’  built-in security and disaster recovery features.

DocuGain – the streamlined cloud document management system

Lightweight document management solution that can be implemented quickly, and cost-effectively, while taking advantage of the enterprise scalability and redundancy of cloud leaders like Google, Microsoft, and Box.

Lightweight solution that solves your main document management use cases

The ability to store and search for documents by metadata is the primary document management use case. Don’t overpay for bloated legacy platforms with features you won’t use. DocuGain offers the features you really need.

Modern and easy-to-use web and mobile apps

DocuGain has both web and mobile clients, so you can find and view your company’s documents in the office, or on the go.

Total control of your documents

Your files are stored in your company’s cloud storage account. They aren’t “stuck” in a proprietary application.  Even if you decide to stop using DocuGain one day, your files will still be there, stored in cloud storage provided by a major vendor. You control your data. We don’t.

Secure cloud-based service

DocuGain lets you assign roles to users, and restrict their access to various types of documents. Meanwhile, the major cloud vendors have invested significantly in the security of their platforms.

Built-in backups and disaster recovery

With DocuGain, you can eliminate infrastructure costs for servers and storage, plus the headcount required to manage these. And you get redundancy and disaster recovery built into your Google, Office 365, or Box subscription.

Reasonable subscription-based pricing

No more high up-front costs, and high maintenance fees from legacy document management vendors who are no longer investing significantly in their systems.

DocuGain is a lightweight system that turns cloud storage products from Google, Microsoft, and Box into a scalable enterprise document management solution.


Want to become a partner?

What are the benefits for consulting and reseller partners?

New, streamlined option to offer your customers.

Are your customers objecting to the high cost of legacy ECM products, when they primarily just want to implement large-scale, metadata-based storage and retrieval of documents in the cloud? DocuGain gives you a streamlined, cost-effective solution to offer these customers.

Earn revenues comparable to legacy systems.

Customers pay less to operate the software, but resellers can earn multiple revenue streams:
Commission on DocuGain software annual subscription fees;
Mark-up on custom software development that we perform for your clients;
Implementation and consulting services that you offer, just as with any ECM product.

Join the wave!

Many large enterprises have already adopted cloud storage products from Google, Microsoft or Box. They are looking to use these products for additional use cases, including possibly replacing their legacy document management system. Why fight this wave? Join it, and offer your customers DocuGain!