June 2018, DocuGain Release Notes: web and mobile documents sharing module

DocuGain announces the release of sharing functionality in June, 2018, and it is offered to customers out of the box. Sharing module lets customers share any document with other DocuGain users, or with people outside of their DocuGain instance.


When a DocuGain user finds a document they wish to share with another DocuGain user within their company, they can click the “Share” button and select the user. That user will then receive a notification (as well as an email), taking them to the shared document. Documents can be shared with individuals who are not DocuGain users, but only using a time-limited URL. Sharing functionality is controlled via a user’s role, so customers can decide if they want to use this functionality, and who they want to permit to use it:

Sharing feature is available on both the web and mobile clients:


Document Sharing is another area where DocuGain is shaking up the stagnating document management software industry by using inexpensive storage services from cloud leaders like Google and Box. Whereas legacy document management software vendors don’t offer sharing functionality or require add-on modules to enable sharing, DocuGain offers this functionality out of the box for all customers.