August 2018, Release Notes: DocuGain allows mobile users to manage documents without an internet connection.

DocuGain, the lightweight ECM solution, extends its capabilities by creating a  mobile app which lets users find content on the go or add a new document, such as an invoice or an insurance declaration, by uploading it from a device.

But what if you need to work with your documents when there’s a poor internet connection?

Now the DocuGain mobile app allows users to save docs to the mobile device, for future use, when the Internet connection may be spotty.

Additionally, DocuGain mobile users don’t need an active internet connection to upload documents. While offline (e.g., inside a building with poor a carrier signal), mobile users can upload multiple documents, assign metadata, and continue using the app. The documents uploaded will be synced with the DocuGain cloud application later, when the Internet connection resumes.

Offline mobile capabilities is a unique new feature that DocuGain is introducing as part of our digital transformation strategy of shaking up the stagnating document management market, by introducing new and innovative features, at a far more reasonable price than that of legacy document management software vendors.