The streamlined cloud document management system.

Turns cloud storage products from Google, Amazon, and Box into a scalable enterprise document management solution!

About Us


DocuGain provides a lightweight solution that turns storage from cloud leaders such as Google, Office 365, and Box into a metadata-based document management system. DocuGain replaces legacy document management systems with a streamlined solution that lets your organization store, search and view documents based on metadata (data fields that describe your documents). DocuGain provides both web and mobile clients, so you can find and view your company’s documents in the office, or on the go.

DocuGain was founded by enterprise software professionals who have been working with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products since the early 2000’s.

Mike Sadowski


Mike has been an IT executive with US companies for 20 years. He has senior IT management experience with companies ranging from software startups to Fortune 1000 companies.  As an IT manager, he’s been a customer of major legacy document management systems including Hyland OnBase, Opentext, Oracle, and Microsoft Sharepoint.  Mike is our product champion.

Eugene Polyansky


Eugene has significant experience in both IT management and graphic and user interface design. Previously, he was a founder of two software development companies. He’s built and launched numerous web and mobile software products, and manages our software development team.