DocuGain is a modern, streamlined metadata-based solution for storing, searching and viewing content in Google Drive, Office 365 or Box.

DocuGain uses storage provided by cloud leaders, and extends them with friendly web and mobile user interfaces to create a metadata-based document management system.

DocuGain’s web product provides a modern user interface for searching, contributing, and viewing documents:

  • Metadata-based document search;
  • Text search of document contents;
  • Document preview;
  • Download and share documents;
  • Upload a new document, and assign metadata;
  • Import documents automatically from external systems.

Extended administration capabilities:

  • Create users and assign roles;
  • Define user roles and permissions;
  • Define document types and metadata.

DocuGain’s mobile product extends the key features of DocuGain to mobile devices, providing the ability to  search, contribute, and view documents on the go!